Mimi Mangochi’s Triumph: A Tale of Sustainable Farming and Growth

Mimi Mangochi, a dedicated coffee farmer and proud member of the Mzuzu affiliate, shares her inspiring journey with the #our_malawi_partnership_project. This initiative, championed by The Malawi Federation of Cooperatives and supported by Central Co-op and Co-operative College, has been a transformative force in Mimi’s agricultural practices.

Through the project, Mimi successfully slashed her production costs by nearly 60% by embracing sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques. Following comprehensive organic fertilizer training provided by MAFECO, Mimi learned to craft organic fertilizer from locally available resources such as cow dung, maize bran, and ashes. This innovative approach not only improved soil fertility but also significantly reduced the need for chemical fertilizers in her coffee plantation.

The positive impact didn’t stop there. Mimi’s coffee production soared, enabling her to purchase a dairy cow with her earnings. Recognizing the high demand for milk in her community, Mimi wisely diversified into dairy farming, foreseeing increased daily earnings and a more resilient income stream.

#our_malawi_partnership_project aims to foster sustainability and growth within agricultural cooperative unions. By empowering members with increased production, improved product quality, and enhanced business management skills, the project paves the way for these cooperatives to access export markets successfully.

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