Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 Subaward - Cooperative Development Activity 4 Project


Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 has provided substantial support to MAFECO through a subaward with a total sum of USD 24,975 under the Cooperative Development Activity 4 project. This collaboration aims to strengthen the Malawi Federation of Cooperatives (MAFECO) by expanding its technical operations and services for the benefit of its members.

Key Initiatives Under the Subaward:

  1. Governance and Financial Management Trainings:

    • The collaboration facilitated by Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 supported MAFECO in conducting governance and financial management trainings for Cooperative Unions. This strategic initiative aligns with the goal of enhancing the capabilities of cooperatives in effective governance and financial stewardship.
  2. Membership Expansion Campaigns:

    • MAFECO, with the support of Land O’ Lakes Venture 37, conducted campaigns among non-member Cooperative Unions. The objective of these campaigns was to actively increase membership for MAFECO, thereby broadening its reach and impact within the cooperative community.
  3. Visibility Enhancement for MAFECO:

    • A notable aspect of the subaward project is the enhancement of MAFECO’s visibility. This was achieved through the development and dissemination of promotional materials and the hosting of radio programs. These efforts aimed to raise awareness about MAFECO’s role and services among its target audience.

Financial Support and Project Duration:

  1. Total Sum of Subaward:

    • The subaward from Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 to MAFECO amounts to USD 24,975. This financial support signifies a commitment to investing in the cooperative sector’s development and aligns with the objectives of the Cooperative Development Activity 4 project.
  2. Project Focus on Technical Operations:

    • The collaboration specifically targets the expansion of MAFECO’s technical operations and services. This approach indicates a strategic investment in building the technical capabilities of MAFECO, allowing it to better serve its member cooperatives.

Strategic Impact and Collaboration:

  1. Capacity Building: The governance and financial management trainings contribute to the overall capacity building of Cooperative Unions, fostering their ability to operate effectively and sustainably.

  2. Membership Growth: The campaigns to increase membership highlight the collaborative effort’s strategic focus on expanding MAFECO’s network and influence within the cooperative community.

  3. Visibility and Outreach: The enhancement of MAFECO’s visibility through promotional materials and radio programs is a crucial element for reaching a broader audience and establishing MAFECO as a key player in cooperative development.

In conclusion, the Land O’ Lakes Venture 37 subaward represents a substantial investment in the cooperative development efforts led by MAFECO. By focusing on governance and financial management training, membership expansion, and visibility enhancement, this collaboration contributes to the overall strengthening and impact of MAFECO in the cooperative landscape of Malawi. The financial support and targeted initiatives demonstrate a shared commitment to advancing the goals of the Cooperative Development Activity 4 project.