UBALE Project


The Central England Cooperative – Ubale Project is a strategic initiative focused on promoting sustainability and fostering the growth of agricultural Cooperative Unions. The primary objective of the project is to empower these unions by enhancing their capabilities in several key areas, ultimately preparing them for increased production, improved product quality, and elevated business management skills. These enhancements, in turn, serve as a crucial step towards enabling access to export markets.

Key Components of the Ubale Project:

  1. Capacity Building: The project places a significant emphasis on capacitating Cooperative Unions. This involves providing training and resources to enhance their abilities across various aspects of agricultural production. The goal is to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to increase their productivity and maintain high-quality standards in their produce.

  2. Financial Support: Funding for the Ubale Project is generously provided by the Central England Cooperative. The substantial financial commitment, amounting to £82,672 per annum, underscores the long-term vision and commitment to the project’s objectives. This funding is allocated for a five-year period, starting from July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2027.

  3. Duration and Timeline: The project’s timeline spans five years, allowing for a sustained and comprehensive approach to its goals. This extended duration ensures that the Cooperative Unions have ample time to implement the strategies learned during the capacity-building phase and start realizing the benefits of enhanced production and improved product quality.

  4. Cooperative Principle Number 6: The Ubale Project is rooted in Cooperative Principle Number 6, which emphasizes cooperation among cooperatives. This collaboration extends not only at the local and regional levels but also internationally. The project recognizes trade as a pivotal mechanism for fostering cooperation and collaboration. By encouraging Cooperative Unions to engage in trade activities, the project aims to create stronger bonds and partnerships that can contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of cooperative endeavors.

In summary, the Central England Cooperative – Ubale Project is a forward-looking initiative that goes beyond providing financial support. It actively engages in the capacity building of Cooperative Unions, promoting cooperative principles, and facilitating international collaboration through trade. The funding commitment over the five-year period demonstrates a sustained dedication to fostering agricultural sustainability and growth within Cooperative Unions.