Malawi Federation of Cooperatives Limited (MAFECO)

Co-Operative Development at its Finest!

“We are an umbrella body for all cooperatives in Malawi. We provide aid in teaching, regulating, and maintaining cooperatives across the nation.”






The Malawi Federation of Cooperatives (MAFECO) is an apex body for cooperatives – in other words, it is an umbrella body for cooperatives in Malawi. MAFECO was registered on 1st June 2015, under the Cooperative Societies Act (Cap. 47:02) of the Laws of Malawi, and was issued with a Certificate of Registration, number 1248.



As a cooperative body, MAFECO is member-owned. The members formed MAFECO and raised its initial capital by issuing and buying shares. As an apex body, MAFECO’s members are cooperative unions, and the founding members are Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union (MZCPCU), Highlands Macadamia Cooperative Union Limited (HIMACUL), and Community and Community Savings and Investment Promotion Cooperative Union (COMSIP). The members are represented at MAFECO AGM by their Board Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chief Executive Officer.



What We do

Capacity Building activities


MAFECO conducts inductions for its employees and capacity building coaching and training for leaders of cooperatives in member education, governance and financial management.

MAFECO has developed a Financial Management tool – this tool is designed to simplify financial record keeping, production of Financial Statements and extraction of audit schedules.






Printing and selling of promotional materials, development of website and institutional emails, TV/Radio programs, interface interactions with Cooperatives and promotional and establishment of Cooperative unions.




Skills Development Unit


MAFECO plans to establish a Skills Development Unit (SDU). MAFECO has a working relationship with the United Kingdom Cooperative College which offers various accredited courses. The SDU will be charged with the responsibility of running accredited short courses on Business Management, Financial Management and Marketing for Cooperatives. MAFECO plans to upscale the SDU into Cooperative College of Malawi in the medium to long term.



Why we are important

Formation and Purpose


The principle objectives for the formation of MAFECO are as follows




To represent, protect and defend the interests of cooperatives in Malawi through lobbying, advocacy, networking and collaboration at local, regional and international levels.


To promote cooperative development as a model for alternative economic empowerment in Malawi.


To facilitate capacity building through education and training for members, cooperative leaders and management.


To collect and disseminate information on cooperative development to stakeholders and the general public.

Policy Documents

To initiate the development and review of cooperative policies, legal and regulatory framework and establishment of cooperative support institutions.

Business Support Services

To provide cooperatives with access to market information, grants/ subsidies and consultancy services.


What Our Locals Say?

"MAFECO's support has been a game-changer for farmers like me. They've provided us with vital resources and training, helping us improve our yields and livelihoods. I'm grateful for their dedication to cooperatives."
Chikondi Banda
Small-scale Farmer and Cooperative Member
"As a Cooperative Member, MAFECO's initiatives have made it easier for us to access markets and sell our produce. Their assistance has truly empowered us to expand our businesses and provide for our families."
Chimwemwe Mphande
Cooperative Member
"I've witnessed firsthand the positive impact of MAFECO on our community. They've enhanced access to education and healthcare, benefiting both primary and secondary cooperatives. Their commitment to our well-being is admirable."
Hastings Nkosi
Community Teacher