Deutsche Genossenschafts und Raiffeisen Verband (DGRV) Support to MAFECO



The Deutsche Genossenschafts und Raiffeisen Verband (DGRV), serving as the Cooperative Federation of Germany, played a pivotal role in supporting MAFECO (Malawi Federation of Cooperatives Limited). The support extended by DGRV was directed towards strengthening MAFECO’s administrative and operational capabilities, with a specific focus on enhancing services provided to the cooperative movement in Malawi.

Key Components of DGRV Support:

  1. Human Resource Enhancement: DGRV’s support involved the strategic hiring of competent personnel. This initiative aimed to bolster MAFECO’s workforce with skilled individuals who could contribute to the organization’s effectiveness in serving the cooperative movement. By investing in human resources, DGRV recognized the importance of a capable and dedicated team in achieving sustainable outcomes.

  2. Development of Accounting Tool: A significant aspect of the support from DGRV was the development of an Accounting Tool. This tool was designed to elevate the standards of record-keeping within cooperatives. The emphasis on financial management through the creation of a specialized Accounting Tool indicates a commitment to improving the overall efficiency and transparency of cooperative operations.

  3. Acquisition of Office Equipment: DGRV’s support extended to the acquisition of essential office equipment for MAFECO. This could include items such as computers, printers, and other necessary infrastructure. The provision of modern and efficient office equipment aligns with the broader goal of enhancing MAFECO’s operational capabilities, fostering a conducive environment for productivity and collaboration.

Project Duration and Funding:

  1. Timeline: The support provided by DGRV spanned a defined period of two years, commencing from January 1, 2020, and concluding on December 31, 2022. This timeline allowed for a structured and time-bound implementation of the supported initiatives.

  2. Financial Commitment: The total financial commitment from DGRV for this project amounted to MwK 83,863,840. This substantial investment underscored DGRV’s dedication to fostering the growth and effectiveness of MAFECO in its role within the Malawian cooperative movement.

In summary, the support extended by Deutsche Genossenschafts und Raiffeisen Verband (DGRV) to MAFECO reflects a comprehensive strategy to enhance both the human and technological aspects of MAFECO’s operations. By investing in competent personnel, developing specialized tools, and providing essential office equipment, DGRV contributed to the overall strengthening of MAFECO’s capacity to serve and support cooperatives in Malawi. The two-year timeline and significant financial commitment signify a sustained partnership aimed at achieving tangible and sustainable outcomes in the cooperative sector.