VOICE for Women and Girls - Joint Project with Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) - Seven-Year Initiative for Economic Well-Being



MAFECO, in collaboration with the Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada), is leading a significant seven-year project aimed at improving the economic well-being of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations, with a particular focus on women and girls. The project aligns with the broader objectives of contributing to the attainment of Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) for Malawi.

Project Funding and Duration:

  1. Funding Source: The project is generously funded by Global Affairs Canada, providing a substantial amount of Canadian Dollars (CAD) 216,925. This funding underscores the commitment to supporting initiatives that address economic disparities and uplift vulnerable populations.

  2. Seven-Year Duration: Running from April 2020 to March 2027, the seven-year duration of the project reflects a comprehensive and sustained effort to create lasting positive impacts on the targeted communities.

Geographical Focus and Beneficiaries:

  1. Geographical Coverage: The project strategically targets 12,500 direct beneficiaries across 35 cooperatives in 8 districts selected from the Central and Southern Regions of Malawi. This geographical focus ensures a targeted approach to addressing specific economic challenges in these regions.

Key Components of the Project:

  1. Improved Acceptance of Women’s Economic Empowerment:

    • The project seeks to enhance the acceptance of women’s economic empowerment in targeted communities. This component recognizes the vital role of women in economic growth and aims to create an environment that promotes inclusive and sustainable development.
  2. Capacity Building for Cooperatives and Members:

    • A crucial aspect of the project involves improving the capacities of primary cooperatives and their members. By enhancing their skills and knowledge, the project aims to empower marginalized and vulnerable individuals, with a specific focus on women and girls.
  3. Enabling Environment for Cooperatives:

    • The project envisions creating an improved enabling environment for cooperatives, ensuring the inclusion of marginalized and vulnerable people, particularly women and girls. This initiative recognizes the significance of a supportive environment for the success and sustainability of cooperative endeavors.
  4. Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF):

    • The provision of the Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) adds an innovative dimension to the project. This fund aims to facilitate creative and effective approaches to the inclusion of marginalized persons in economic development and financial inclusion, fostering sustainable and transformative change.

Strategic Impact and Contribution to SDGs:

  1. Poverty Alleviation: The overarching goal of the project is to contribute to the improved economic well-being of the poorest and most marginalized. By focusing on women and girls, it aligns with broader efforts to alleviate poverty and promote social inclusion.

  2. Empowerment Through Capacity Building: The emphasis on capacity building empowers cooperatives and their members, enabling them to actively contribute to economic development and social upliftment.

  3. Innovative Approaches for Inclusion: The inclusion of the Strategic Innovation Fund demonstrates a commitment to exploring and implementing innovative strategies for the inclusion of marginalized individuals, fostering sustainable development.

In conclusion, the joint project between MAFECO and the Cooperative Development Foundation of Canada (CDF Canada) represents a robust and ambitious initiative with a clear focus on improving economic well-being, promoting women’s empowerment, and contributing to SDGs in Malawi. The multi-year duration, targeted geographical approach, and innovative components underscore the commitment to creating lasting positive impacts on vulnerable communities.