MAFECO stands for Malawi Apex Federation of Cooperatives. It is the registered apex organization for cooperatives in Malawi. MAFECO plays a crucial role in connecting development funding organizations to our extensive network of cooperative members and stakeholders across the country. We provide capacity-building training, expertise, and collaboration opportunities to promote sustainable development in Malawi’s cooperative sector.

To become a member of MAFECO or one of its affiliated cooperatives, please contact us directly for information on membership requirements and application procedures. We welcome individuals and cooperatives who share our commitment to promoting cooperative development and sustainable livelihoods in Malawi.

MAFECO offers a wide range of capacity-building training programs tailored to the needs of cooperative members. Our programs cover topics such as cooperative administration, financial inclusion, gender empowerment, climate change adaptation, value chain market linkages, and more. These training programs aim to enhance the skills and knowledge of cooperative members, empowering them to succeed in their cooperative ventures.

MAFECO collaborates with development funding organizations by facilitating connections and partnerships between these organizations and our network of cooperative members and stakeholders. We work closely with development partners to identify funding opportunities, implement projects, and leverage resources for the benefit of Malawi’s cooperative sector.

Partnering with MAFECO as a donor or funding organization provides numerous benefits, including access to our extensive network of cooperative members and stakeholders, specialized expertise in cooperative development, and opportunities for collaboration and impact. By engaging with MAFECO, donors and funding organizations can maximize their contributions and support the sustainable development of Malawi’s cooperative sector.

Yes, MAFECO welcomes individuals and organizations seeking resources or support for cooperative development initiatives, even if they are not members of a cooperative. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and how we can assist you in promoting cooperative development in Malawi.

MAFECO is committed to promoting gender empowerment and inclusion within the cooperative sector. We integrate gender considerations into our programs and initiatives, ensuring that women and marginalized groups have equal opportunities to participate and benefit from cooperative activities. We provide training and support to empower women entrepreneurs and promote gender equality in cooperative governance and decision-making.

MAFECO upholds high standards of transparency and accountability in all its operations. We adhere to strict financial management practices, including regular audits and reporting, to ensure the responsible stewardship of resources. Additionally, we maintain open communication with our members, stakeholders, and the public, providing timely and accurate information about our activities, achievements, and challenges.

To stay updated on MAFECO’s latest initiatives, events, and news, you can subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on social media, or visit our website regularly. We also encourage you to attend our events and workshops to learn more about our work and how you can get involved in promoting cooperative development in Malawi.

You can contact MAFECO for further information or assistance by reaching out to us via email at mafeco@mafeco.org <mafeco@mafeco.org>;, by phone at +265 993 38 90 26, or by visiting our office at Area 47 Sector 3 Plot 59 Lilongwe Malawi. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have regarding cooperative development in Malawi.