Heartfelt Farewell: MAFECO and CDF Bid Adieu to Dedicated Canadian Volunteers

In a poignant moment of appreciation and gratitude, the Malawi Federation of Cooperatives Limited (MAFECO) and the Canadian Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) joined hands to bid a warm farewell to two dedicated Canadian volunteers who had been instrumental in supporting cooperative initiatives in the country.

The departing volunteers had been actively involved in key areas such as cooperative audit processes, contributing to the development of sustainable models for cooperative businesses. Their efforts were directed towards not only ensuring the financial viability of cooperatives but also making them models of sustainability and profitability, ultimately leading to transformed livelihoods for cooperative members.

The focus of their work extended beyond the confines of cooperative entities, as the volunteers strived to create a ripple effect that spilled into the surrounding communities. The goal was to establish cooperative businesses not only as economic engines for their members but also as catalysts for positive change in the broader social fabric.

MAFECO, in collaboration with CDF, organized a heartfelt farewell to express gratitude for the invaluable contributions made by these Canadian volunteers during their tenure in Malawi. The cooperative landscape in the country witnessed tangible improvements under their guidance, particularly in the realms of efficient audit practices and the strategic positioning of cooperative businesses.

The volunteers’ dedication to the cause of transforming livelihoods through cooperative development resonated with the cooperative principles that MAFECO and CDF champion. Their departure marks not just the end of a chapter but also the beginning of a legacy of positive change within the cooperative sector.

As they return to Canada, the impact of their work lingers on, leaving behind a blueprint for sustainable and profitable cooperative business models. The farewell ceremony served not only as a moment of goodbye but also as a celebration of the collaborative efforts that have laid the groundwork for a more resilient and prosperous cooperative sector in Malawi.

MAFECO and CDF expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the Canadian volunteers’ unwavering commitment and passion, recognizing that their contributions have left an indelible mark on the cooperative landscape in Malawi. The farewell event symbolizes the enduring spirit of international cooperation and solidarity in the pursuit of shared goals for community development and empowerment.

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